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Kenn's awards include SF short stories and poetry. Curtain of Heaven has been published; The Sage of Saggitarius is now in print; and he has begun writing Just One Red Light. In this forthcoming novel, we join Haley Salt, a sophisticated young science reporter following a quantum experiment that will determine whether we are living in a simulation (as a growing number of people believe) or living a multi-verse. Her world is already rather bizarre. Yet even so, no one expects the consequences of a real answer.

Besides hard SF Kenn has published non-fiction articles on science, kayaking, archery, ham radio, and blue water sailing experiences.

Kenn is available for public readings and will swap occasional critiques and guest blogging, as his schedule allows.


Where to find Kenn online

   Website: Broken Symmetry Publishing
   Blog: A Snowflake In Hell

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Just One Red Light

The Sage Of Sagittarius


Pa'an - by Kenn Brody

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Cosmic Rift - by Kenn Brody


Radio - by Kenn Brody

Arse & All

Arse & All - by Kenn Brody

Curtain Of Heaven

Curtain of Heaven - by Kenn Brody

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Luna Muerta - by Kenn Brody

The Cosmic
Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

The Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman - by Kenn Brody

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The Singer In The Wood - by Kenn Brodys

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Going Native - by Kenn Brody

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Punta Maldonado - by Kenn Brody

Ensenada: Between
The Storms

Ensenada Between The Storms - by Kenn Brody

Scrhrodinger's Grandfather

Schroedinger's Grandfather - by Kenn Brody