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Kenn Brody, award winning author

Kenn's awards include SF short stories and poetry. Just One Red Light has been published; The Sage Of Sagittarius is now in print; and Melt-Out, a techno-thriller, is out for Beta readers.

Johanna Ingridsdottir, a Danish Special Forces officer assigned to the Siris Sled patrol in the icy interior of Greenland discovers three bodies encased in ice at the terminus of the Jakobshavn Glacier. The man, woman, and half-grown child are remarkably well preserved. There has never been any human habitation on that remote glacier. Why are they there? Where did they come from?
Aylina Tayu, a Goth polymath, discovers that they have been in the ice for 75,000 years. Are they even human?
The pursuit of answers propels Johanna and Aylina into a series of astounding events that change everything.



Besides SF, Kenn has published non-fiction articles on science, kayaking, archery, ham radio, and blue water sailing experiences. Kenn is available for public readings and will swap the occasional critique and guest blogging, as his schedule allows.

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Just One Red Light

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