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Just One Red LightHayley Sault, syndicated columnist of "Hayley's Comment" pursues an erotic entanglement with Karl, while she is reporting on a scientific experiment that will change reality. Kenn Brody deftly juggles romance, adult content and hard science fiction in a brash new novel.

Hayley takes perverse delight in wearing next to nothing at her morning hologram meetings. As syndicated science reporter for Magic Media, her column, "Hayley's Comment" is read far and wide. She picks a "studly" named Karl at Cinder, a time-shift club. Through a series of erotic encounters and assignments she discovers an experiment to determine, once and for all, whether we are living in simulation. Her experiments with new drugs and her research into the nature of reality with the controversial Dr. Feric Luiminari set this entire universe onto a new and dangerous causal stream.

How will Hayley and Karl resolve their new love with this cataclysmic discovery?



Erotic romance and hard science in a brash novel
from a former physicist and prominent author

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