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Book Cover - Sage of SagittariusThere are 300 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and many ought to have life. Why haven't we been contacted?

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Zila Aropov Biddey is a multicultural girl who wants to be a diplomat. She finds her love in Manny, finds a mentor in the Great Sage, and finds herself thrust into the middle of the most important battle in the history of life itself. Against an adversary that is intent on destroying all life on Earth (an adversary that may be as old as the universe itself).

Zila, along with her genetic engineer husband, two small children and a rather eclectic crew (which also happens to include a Priest of the Sage), find themselves adjusting to life aboard "The Wisdom of Sage", the FTL yacht provided them by the Great Sage. They are on a mission funded by the Sage of Saggitarius himself. Their assignment? Find the origin of the LUCA, the Last Common Universal Ancestor of all life. What she finds is a powerful entity that opposes all life.

What can young Zila do against such odds? At the very end, are love, cleverness, and other human traits enough?


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