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Curtain Of HeavenThe night sky turns pink in every direction, all over Earth, forever. It's a message from the Founders. Humans are now on a forced march to understand it. Amy, a California girl who first saw the pink sky atop Mount Shasta, calls it the Curtain of Heaven.

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Every year we see further into the universe as older light reaches us. According to Amy, it's like a Curtain of Heaven, moving back 5.8 trillion miles every year. Suddenly it reveals a message from the Founder's- ancient sentients who created the message. It turns the night sky pink in all directions, everywhere, and for all time. It changes the human race.

It's cold on top of Mount Shasta at night. Amy's shivers, but while she's trying to see a moon of Jupiter, the night sky turns pink, in all directions, everywhere on Earth and forever. NASA discovers it's a message from an ancient, elder race. It's a complete description of the physics of the universe, catalogued and indexed. Amy calls it the Curtain of Heaven, and the name sticks.
The problem is, the Founder's message is everywhere. If there are any inimical sentients out there, they see it too. The race to master the knowledge is now on. In four generation, the human race changes. Watch Xenoc and Scenic culture clashes, the revolutions caused by the Burgess Generator, Tank learning, the rise of the Universities, the settlement of Ganymede and others.