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We provide a number of editing services for authors registered with us here at Broken Symmetry Publishing. Exactly which services your work requires depends on where you are in the writing process. Our editing services are designed to benefit authors at every stage of their story's development.

Below is a brief summary of each of our services.


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Our Manuscript Critique gets straight to the point by highlighting the issues that stand in the way of your success.

  • A critique is great for early drafts as it helps understand the big picture of the story, aids in pulling plot lines through, and provides suggestions for improvement and/or ideas on story lines and character development.
  • Authors can expect feedback on: structure, plotting, point of view, pacing, characterization, dialogue, storytelling, writing style, and mechanics.

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Developmental editing peels back the layers of your story to understand what makes it tick.

  • This is a very intense level of editing and can be employed at the very beginning of the writing process, perhaps with just one or two chapters written; the very basics of a plot set down. You may even recruit a developmental editor to hash out an idea without a manuscript at all, looking at whether or not it’s marketable and, if so, how to proceed from there.

  • Authors can expect feedback, insight, and advice on: storytelling, structure, plot, characterization, dialogue, viewpoint and narration, hooks, tone, pacing and progression, setting, voice, and writing mechanics.

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A comprehensive edit is the highest and most in-depth level of book editing we offer. This edit focuses on the structure and content of the story, the language use, and the writing style. During this edit, your editor will assess the impact of your story:

  • Is the meaning of your story clear and your use of language effective?
  • Does the story flow naturally or is it disrupted by clumsy transitions?
  • Have any scenes been overwritten and has repetition crept into the story?
  • Is it an enjoyable and satisfying read and is there room for it in the market?

A comprehensive edit includes a line edit, a structural edit, and a written editor's report offering advice and recommendations for improvement.

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Copyediting is the last stage of the editorial process, the final tidy-up, the spit and polish before you show it off. Here’s where editors become thoroughly annoying with their obnoxious comments about apostrophes and ‘your’ versus ‘you’re’.

A copyedited book shows readers you have taken the time to enhance their reading experience; that you respect and appreciate them. 


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If you want your book to be strong and appealing, for it to have an affect on your readers, you need to have it edited. By the time you've spent months or even years writing your story, you can't see the words any more. You can only see the ideas - the plot, the characters, the cliffhangers, the red herring. You no longer see the scene digressions, the plot holes and jumps in style. An editor will see and correct all of this.

You are writing a book because there is something you have to say, some experience you want to share. Our book editing package can help you make that happen - we can help you to say exactly what you want to say in the most effective and powerful way possible.

This package includes a consulting session, a comprehensive edit, and a copyedit.

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