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We publish speculative fiction and adventure.
Hard science fiction, sea stories, some fantasy,
and outdoor adventures.
No Zombies, Star Trek or Vampires!
(so far, anyway)

Themes range from human space colonization, molecular biology, alien contact, ancient conspiracies, autonomous intellects (AI), wormholes, extra dimensions, parallel universes, time paradox, ham radio, and so much more. Publishing, not pub wishing.

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Our Mission:  is to create & publish high-quality, stimulating speculative and literary science fiction, and poetry. Get ready to cross the ever blurring lines between reality and fantasy. 

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Heat: Fire in the Sky! (cover art)

Heat: Fire in the Sky!

Lucen DiPietro, alias Luke, Associate Professor of Astrophysics at UCSD, discovers a new object in the heavens.  His observations lead him to believe that it’s a Holman bubble, a place where the normal vacuum state has collapsed to a lower energy.  It will, inevitably, grow to destroy life in this universe.
His findings are derided.

Aliens converge on Earth. Witches, a billionaire’s sailing yacht, a bejeweled space ship and a pair of conjoined twins complicate the situation.
Will anything survive?

Due Out Soon

Melt Out! (cover art)

Melt Out!

Three bodies encased in ice are found at the terminus of the Jacobshavn Glacier in Greenland. It is later discovered that they’ve been in the ice for 75,000 years. Are they even human?
Why are they there?
Where did they come from?

The pursuit of answers propel Danish Special Forces officer, Johanna Ingridsdottir and associate Aylina Taiu into a series of events that change everything!


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Just One Red Light (cover art)

Just One Red Light

Hayley Salt, syndicated columnist of “Hayley’s Comment” pursues an erotic entanglement while reporting on a scientific experiment that will change reality… determining, once and for all, whether we are living in a simulation.

Her experiments with new drugs and research into the nature of reality with the controversial Dr. Feric Luminari set this entire universe onto a new and dangerous causal stream. 


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Pa'an (cover art)


An ancient group intends to decimate the human population and convert the remainder to slaves. Their only internal disagreement was the method. Jaeger Kunstler was their monster, but would he remain loyal or turn rebel agent?

Deepak Advani created Aura and dedicated his life to her keeping. But Aura was doomed by a fatwa.

The Pa’an’s cosmic construction project created gravity waves that caused minor earthquakes. Governments did not want the source of those waves disclosed.
And then the Pa’an Ambassor contacted Aura and all hell let loose. 



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Curtain of Heaven (cover art)

The Curtain of Heaven

“Mr. Michaels, Mr. Michaels!” Amy, jacketless, was pulling on his coat. Mr. Michaels was once more bent over the telescope, flashlight in hand, adjusting the settings.”What now Amy?” “What’s happening to the sky?” she said, a little breathless.”Huh?”Mr. Michaels stretched his cramped back and looked up.
The velvety black sky of history, that had been the stock in trade of poets and songwriters, mojo and magicians, saints and seers for all history was not, and never would be again, velvety black.

The night sky turns pink in every direction, all over Earth, forever. It’s a message from the Founders. Humans are now on a forced march to understand it. Amy, the young California girl who first saw turn pink sky atop Mount Shasta, calls it the Curtain of Heaven.

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Sage of Sagittarius (cover art)

The Sage of Sagittarius

300 billion stars in the Milky Way, many wihich ought to contain life.  Why haven’t we been contacted?

Zila is a multicultural girl who wants to be a diplomat. Shefinds her love, Manny, and a mentor in the Great Sage as she is thrust into the middle of the most important battle in the history of life itself.

Will love, cleverness, and other human traits be enough to save humankind? 






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Kenn Brody

Kenn Brody

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Donald Walker

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James Patrick Warner