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If you're looking for some interesting science fiction, consider one of these books with a great plot.
Melt Out! (cover art)

Melt Out!

Johanna Ingridsdottir, a Danish Special Forces officer assigned to the Sirus Sled Patrol in the icy interior of Greenland discover three bodies encased in ice at the terminus of the Jakobshavn Glacier. The man, woman, and half grown child are remarkeably well preserved. There has never been any human habitation on that remote glacier.

Why are they there?
Where did they come from?

Aylina Tayu, a Goth polymath, discovers that they have been in the ice for 75.000 years. Are they even human The pursuit of answers propels Johanna and Alyina into a series of astounding events that change everything.

A wide-tanging techno-thriller by the author of Pa’an and Sage of Sagittarius. 


Just One Red Light (cover art)

Just One Red Light

Hayley Sault, syndicated columnist of “Hayley’s Comment” pursues an erotic entanglement with Karl, while she is reporting on a scientific experiment that will change reality. Kenn Brody deftly juggles romance, adult content and hard science fiction in a brash new novel.

Hayley Sault takes perverse delight in wearing next to nothing at her morning hologram meetings. As syndicated science reporter for Magic Media, her column, “Hayley’s Comment” is read far and wide. She picks a “studly” named Karl at Cinder, a time-shift club. Through a series of erotic encounters and assignments she discovers an experiment to determine, once and for all, whether we are living in a simulation. Her experiments with new drugs and her research into the nature of reality with the controversial Dr. Feric Luminari set this entire universe onto a new and dangerous causal stream.

Hayley and Karl must struggle to resolve their new love with this cataclysmic discovery.


Sage of Sagittarius (cover art)

Sage of Sagittarius

There are 300 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and many ought to have life. Why haven’t we been contacted?

Zila Aropov Biddey is a multicultural girl who wants to be a diplomat. She finds her love, Manny, and a mentor, the Great Sage, and gets thrust into the middle of the most important battle in the history of life itself.
The adversary that is destroying all life on Earth may be as old as the universe itself.

What can young Zila do against such odds? At the very end, are love, cleverness and other human traits enough?


Curtain of Heaven (cover art)

Curtain of Heaven

“Mr. Michaels, Mr. Michaels!” Amy, jacketless, was pulling on his coat. Mr. Michaels was once more bent over the telescope, flashlight in hand, adjusting the settings.”What now Amy?” “What’s happening to the sky?” she said, a little breathless.”Huh?”Mr. Michaels stretched his cramped back and looked up.

The velvety black sky of history, that had been the stock in trade of poets and songwriters, mojo and magicians, saints and seers for all history was not, and never would be again, velvety black.

The night sky turns pink in every direction, all over Earth, forever. It’s a message from the Founders. Humans are now on a forced march to understand it. Amy, the young California girl who first saw turn pink sky atop Mount Shasta, calls it the Curtain of Heaven.


Cosmic Rift (cover art)

Cosmic Rift

He was the last of the heroic Kerr Pilots. His ancestors may have been asked to commit hari kari, so Tomo Chiyoko was not afraid to take a life-long journey to the mysterious cosmic strings 1000 light years away. His only company was Suzi, a rather linear AI whose main job was to keep him alive until the end of the mission.
There was no return trip.

A short novel from the longer work, Curtain of Heaven.


Pa'an (cover art)


An ancient group intends to decimate the human population and convert the remainder to slaves. Their only internal disagreement was the method. Jaeger Kunstler was their monster, but would he remain loyal or turn rebel agent?
Deepak Advani created Aura and dedicated his life to her keeping. But Aura was doomed by a fatwa.
The Pa’an’s cosmic construction project created gravity waves that caused minor earthquakes. Governments did not want the source of those waves disclosed.

And then the Pa’an Ambassador contacted Aura and all hell let loose.


Radio (cover art)


Shannon dreams of being a cinema verite type of reporter. With the help of a trust fund and a ham radio guru, she gets a video implant. She only has to blink an eye and she’s on TV.

Maxwell Burnham, known as Max Burner, is a rogue government operative, a monster who hunts “squawkers”. He’s a diabetic who uses his huge reserves of excess glucose to power a killer beam.

Phi is an “Elmer”, in the old tradition of ham radio. Can he help Shannon save more than 100,000 squawkers from a horrible death?


Going Native (cover art)

Going Native

A coffee shop in Greenwich Village is a great place to observe humanity, especially if you aren’t human.

Arse & All (cover art)

Arse & All

Call him Horse, but never with his first name, Charlie. He’s a casual smuggler with two gorgeous girl friends. He is leading the party life until a Russian oil baron hires him for a very unusual mission. Charlie carries high-tech contraband, but you will never guess how or where.


Ensenada Between the Storms (cover art)

Ensenada Between the Storms

A sailing adventure from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, 11 days at sea.


The Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman (cover art)

The Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

There was a Covenant in biblical times, and Dr. Cohen broke it. The consequences were dire.

Equinox Storm Passing (cover art)

Equinox Storm Passing

Captain Kenn Brody delivers a Tassel 49 1250 miles through an equinox storm.


Luna Muerta (cover art)

Luna Muerta

The proud, traditional Spanish culture on Llevaderas has funeral traditions that doom their planet. Can the miraculous music of Opus #27 from BigTree II save them? Or perhaps an enhanced diplomat from BigTree II? Or a great love that unites two cultures?

Your enjoyment of this novelette will be greater if you first read “The Singer in the Woods”.

The Singer in the Woods (cover art)

The Singer in the Woods

Andy grows up and demonstrates a unique and unexpected major talent.

Punta Maldonado (cover art)

Punta Maldonado

We survive a major supercell storm bearing us down on a dangerous reef south of Acapulco. We get good advice from a wild seabird.


Schrodinger's Grandfather

Schroedinger's Grandfather

If you suffered from abuse as a child, and you could o back in time to correct it. would you?
There are consequences…